Maxim Milyavsky

I spent a fantastic time in the lab investigating the influence of motivation on use of unconscious information. Then, after getting my PhD, I was extremely lucky to find a postdoc at Arie Kruglanski’s lab at the University of Maryland. There, I led several empirical projects related to emotion regulation and motivation, and arrogance, and was an active part of two grandiose theoretical projects — one — charting the road from attitudes through goals to behavior (Kruglanski, Jasko, Chernikova, Milyavsky et al., 2015) and another — reconsidering the Cognitive Consistency Theory (Kruglanski, Jasko, Milyavsky et al., 2018). Nowadays, I am a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Business Administration, Ono Academic College.
My current research focuses on the effects of personal agency on pro/anti-social behavior, motivation and advice-taking. You can learn more about my research on my Research Gate.